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Welcome to CC, Our Activity

CC Clinical research Consultants is a clinical and regulatory affairs CRO (Contract Research Organization), based in central Paris, that provides clinical trials support to the Medical Industries

  • Need a CRO to take full charge of your trial in Europe or Worldwide ?
  • Need strong expertise in designing a trial and setting it up according to your needs and running it in an unknown regulatory environment ?
  • Need someone to take the burden off your shoulders for interfacing with busy medical experts ?
  • Need a specific task to be completed within a trial you are running internally or have already assigned to another CRO ?
  • Tired of dealing with an undefined team, innumerable individuals, constant turnover, remote management ?
  • Tired of constantly expanding budgets whereas the initial quote you had chosen was meant to be the cheapest ?
  • Puzzled by changing regulatory environments and innumerable submissions ?
  • Need a VP-Level Transitional Manager to take over for a defined period of time the direction of your Euopean or Local clinical team?

Our goal is to answer your needs at best, ethically, and in a cost-effective manner.

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