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The Mission

Our motto is « Patient First »,
Our method is defining your needs and costs upfront as clearly as possible,
Our objective is to satisfy both patient and physician,
The combination of all those generally makes OUR SUCCESS

CC Clinical research Consultants is a clinical and regulatory affairs CRO, based in central Paris, with activities throughout EU, US, Asia and the Middle East.
CC Clinical research Consultants is particularly focused on compliance to moral, legal and scientific integrity.
The company ensures full compliance with GCPs, ethical, legal and regulatory requirements governing the conduct of clinical research worldwide.

Our Quality Statement :
Clinical research Consultants is Primarily Concerned with Patient Safety.
Ethical Behaviour, Scientific Credibility,
Regulatory and Legal Compliance are the 
Cornerstone of Success.

CC Clinical research Consultants staff members are experienced individuals with a track record of company and CRO experience. They are specifically selected for a study, based on prior experience within the domain and prior record of services with CC Clinical research Consultants general management.

The objective of CC Clinical research Consultants is to offer central management coupled with the flexibility of locally-based staff in countries where its current assignments are based, thus ensuring a global management, cost-efficiency and local regulatory knowledge and experience.