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The team

  • Country-specific monitors/ CRA
  • Study-specific experience
  • Local language speakers
  • Local regulatory awareness
  • Strong management supervision

Clinical research Consultants has a unique business model, mixing a hard core of full time employees based in Paris and specialized free-lancers as field monitors/ Clinical Research Associates to ensure specific expertize in terms of trial therapeutic areas, local language and country-specific regulatory awareness.

Myra Daridan: General Manager and founder of CC Clinical research Consultants, is holder of a PhD in Biophysics from London University King’s College, has more than 20 years experience in Clinical Research, both device and drug, pre- and post-market, both company and CRO. She has held positions of Director and VP of Clinical Research in major US and EU companies.

Our monitors are mature, experienced individuals, chosen within our pool of CRAs to answer specific study needs. If needing a CRA to run a first-in-man interventional cardiology study in Poland, the monitor will not be the same as for a gastroenterology post-market trial in the Czech Republic. Seems obvious, but experience shows this is not always the case.

We also have capacities to respond to trials conducted in remote or unusual geographies such as Midle East, Turkey, Russia … Our monitors are mostly country-based, they are trained to GCPs and experienced, they know their job and know the legislation governing clinical trials in their respective countries. More often than not, they also know their correspondents in the Competent Authorities and Ethics Committees and can help expedite the process by directly accessing the stakeholders to get the best advice on the needed documentation.

Upon request, we can present our clients with monitor CVs in the countries and specialties they need.

Our core team is based in central Paris, close to the Champs Elysées. We travel to meet our client needs at short notice and everywhere.